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23/10/2011 11:54 Le immagini della morte di Gheddafi

22/04/2011 09:20 Mappe della settimana: twitter, potere italiano, internet e libertà


09/04 17:30 “Journalism is aggregation”

07/04 19:34 Marty Baron on Ezra Klein’s departure: “The company is owned 100 percent by Jeff Bezos, so any decision to fund a new venture would be his to make”

07/04 16:13 Daily Must Reads, April 7, 2014

07/04 15:36 Optimism is the only option: The Washington Post’s Marty Baron on the state of the news media

31/03 10:29 Reasons to be cautiously cheerful about the state of US news media

24/03 15:00 Back to the newsroom: A new program lets professors go back to the thick of today’s news work

20/03 12:41 The newsonomics of selling Cars.com

18/03 15:43 The Washington Post goes national by offering free digital access to readers of local newspapers

18/03 15:17 The nonprofit Africa Check wants to build more fact-checking into the continent’s journalism

17/03 15:30 Know which way the wind blows: Journalists need to think more critically about weather maps


31/03 21:31 Watch the 15th International Symposium on Online Journalism Live

24/01 14:00 Haters Will Hate: Why Shouldn’t Ezra Klein Start His Own Media Company?

03/10/2012 14:29 News Sites Prepare Online Coverage Of Presidential Debate

19/09/2012 16:14 Six ideas for journalists’ new Twitter header image

04/05/2012 16:09 Roundup: WaPo’s digital revenue drops; Globe’s online audience grows; NYT lays off employees

24/02/2012 11:53 Washington Post Launches Personalized News Aggregator Personal Post

18/11/2011 12:02 Coming Soon From Gawker: A Way To Get Rid Of ‘Boring’ Comments?

15/11/2011 09:01 Study: Behavior Of News Organizations On Twitter ‘Resembles The Early Days Of The Web’

04/11/2011 18:53 Washington Post: the latest example of print ad plunge

12/07/2011 13:02 The Space Shuttle Flies Into History: The Best In Online Journalism


23/08/2012 04:26 Ai Wei Wei, The Dangerous

23/08/2012 04:26 Ai Wei Wei, The Dangerous

26/02/2012 05:03 Washington Post “Caving to China’s Demands”?

01/07/2011 08:00 China Seeks Facebook Stake, Hasn’t Blocked Google+

01/07/2011 08:00 China Seeks Facebook Stake, Hasn’t Blocked Google+

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