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31/03 10:30 US paper tells reporters the more stories you post the more pay you get

31/03 10:29 Rupert Murdoch elevates eldest son to be his News Corp co-chairman

31/03 10:29 Reasons to be cautiously cheerful about the state of US news media

03/02 10:20 Rupert Murdoch to be inducted into US television academy hall of fame

31/01 08:59 US newspapers fall out over 'dead peasant' insurance

30/01 12:26 Washington Post to expand as Jeff Bezos makes his 'first mark'

30/01 11:14 Academics protest at proposal to ban them from blogging

29/01 10:01 New York Post changes front page after realising image may be offensive

28/01 18:04 Pope Francis graces the cover of Rolling Stone magazine

24/01 11:30 CNN lays off more than 40 journalists


29/01 09:53 State of the Union: how did Twitter react to Obama's speech?

29/01 07:00 Interactive: How many sports players end up as professional athletes?

20/01 15:00 Knight-Risser Prize Awards $5,000 for Western Environmental Journalism

13/02/2013 14:34 Obama's state of the union address: text network visualised

12/02/2013 17:40 Mapping Chicago's gun murders – interactive

04/02/2013 15:50 Gun violence in America: How many years of life have been lost?

04/02/2013 14:03 Calculating 'crosswordiness' of answers: how to do it and what it shows us

01/02/2013 17:00 US military suicides in charts: how they overtook combat deaths

21/01/2013 20:30 US presidential inauguration speeches: how does Obama's second compare? Visualised

16/01/2013 12:00 New big data firm to pioneer topological data analysis


08/04 02:41 U.S. Catholic Schools Court China’s Youth and Cash

08/04 02:15 China Cautions US To Stay Out Of HK Affairs

07/04 13:52 UN to measure women's rights progress over past 20 years

05/04 03:59 US Warns China Against Crimea-Style Action in Asia

02/04 03:01 China-Phillipines Maritime Dispute on Display in the Sea and at The Hague

02/04 03:01 Maritime Dispute on Display in the Sea and at The Hague

03/02 11:58 The US war on drugs and its legacy in Latin America

01/02 03:18 Which is More Corrupt: Virginia or Sichuan?

01/02 03:18 Which is More Corrupt: Virginia or Sichuan?

28/01 09:23 Illiteracy persists among Afghan troops despite US education drive

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