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07/04 16:43 Johnston Press takes a big hit in selling off its Irish titles for £7.2m

31/03 10:30 Johnston Press backs down - but not far enough - on mileage rate cut

31/03 10:29 Reasons to be cautiously cheerful about the state of US news media

31/03 10:28 Johnston Press introduces a taxi booking service (but not for staff)

31/03 10:28 Former editor to sub-editors - you are no longer required on board

03/02 07:54 El Mundo's founder ousted from editorship

31/01 16:29 Richard Branson by Bower - journalists have not held him to account

31/01 08:59 US newspapers fall out over 'dead peasant' insurance

30/01 13:20 CJR on The Guardian: 'a trust fund kid' with money to publish until 2045

16/05/2013 08:32 Banker to chair struggling Mecom


Non ci sono ancora post per questo tema


22/05/2012 14:04 Facebook's future has more than just money riding on it

31/08/2011 19:15 AT&T's T-Mobile merger: antitrust action, at last | Dan Gillmor

31/08/2011 18:59 Oracle's Africa dealings come under FBI scrutiny

31/08/2011 16:36 US government tries to halt AT&T's T-Mobile takeover

31/08/2011 12:56 Vivendi's hit games offset music decline

28/07/2011 18:45 A mere state can't restrain a corporation like Murdoch's | Felicity Lawrence

15/07/2011 10:25 Rebekah Brooks resigns over phone-hacking scandal

15/05/2011 00:03 Has newspaper/web integration been oversold?

29/01/2011 20:31 Phone-hacking scandal hits Murdoch business as investors grow restless

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