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11/07/2012 12:50 Watch out Boris - Ray Bellisario is not a man to ignore


31/03 16:46 How should we talk about transgender issues?

16/05/2013 13:31 TV presenters after 50: which channels hire older women?

28/01/2013 12:23 How do police forces break down by ethnic minority officer strength?

09/01/2013 12:53 Why can't David Cameron find female political journalists to question him?

10/12/2012 19:30 Women in theatre: how the '2:1 problem' breaks down

23/10/2012 15:54 Women's representation in media: readers preferences for online news revealed

15/10/2012 11:35 How women make the front page in Britain: get the full data

28/09/2012 19:40 Today programme one year on - are women being represented?

22/05/2012 07:30 Social mobility: the charts that shame Britain

06/12/2011 11:56 Women's representation in media: who's running the show?


09/04 02:00 India's missing girls: fears grow over rising levels of foeticide | KumKum Dasgupta

07/04 13:52 UN to measure women's rights progress over past 20 years

04/04 13:57 Senegalese law bans raped 10-year-old from aborting twins

01/04 14:40 Reproductive rights and wrongs: how discrimination blights maternity care

01/02 02:30 India's 'missing' women cast shadow over national art fair

27/01 07:30 Clan loyalty hits women's political prospects

15/05/2013 14:58 Let's tackle inequality head on for development after the MDGs | Brendan Cox

13/02/2013 13:03 Tackling inequality vital for new development targets, says Helen Clark

06/02/2013 17:11 Can we make them work for women?

01/02/2013 11:42 Gender equality 'central' to all other development, say women's groups

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