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10/01/2012 08:47 Crowdsourcing

02/08/2011 06:53 L'Islanda discute il diritto dell'informazione nella bozza di Costituzione (in crowdsourcing)

10/06/2011 09:27 Wikipedia, rifiuti, crowdsourcing e incidenti in motocicletta: le mappe della settimana

16/05/2011 12:28 Social media e governance locale: progetti dai paesi emergenti

04/05/2011 11:36 Wikipedia chiede ai suoi lettori di valutare la qualità dell'informazione

13/04/2011 12:53 Tradurre l'informazione di qualità: Worldcrunch, Ted, Dotsub


01/04 11:05 First Look Media’s Andy Carvin: Be a Journalist First, Brand Second

15/05/2013 12:53 Daily Must Reads, May 15, 2013

30/01/2013 12:17 Daily Must Reads, January 30, 2013

27/12/2012 13:00 Are You a Hacker Who Likes Poderopedia? Help Us Release Our Code

26/12/2012 13:00 How Innovators Want to Transform African Media

19/12/2012 13:00 EcoHack Highlights: Sewage, Pedal Power & Cotton Candy

14/12/2012 13:00 Poderopedia Launches Public Beta with Crowdsourced Data Journalism

12/12/2012 19:50 Crowdsourcing campaign spending: What ProPublica learned from Free the Files

12/12/2012 19:50 Crowdsourcing campaign spending: What ProPublica learned from Free the Files

05/12/2012 13:00 Poderopedia Uses Public Data to Take on Powerful Interests in Chile


04/04 14:00 Discover Magazine Launches Citizen Science Salon

19/03 17:32 This Is Why You Don’t Show Twitter Streams Live On TV

07/02/2013 14:15 U-turns: is this the most indecisive government ever? Help us crowdsource the ultimate index

07/11/2012 14:00 Barack Obama wins re-election: mapping global reactions

30/10/2012 13:17 How fast is your mobile internet? Help us crowdsource it

26/10/2012 13:01 Mapping the BBC's price of football data

01/10/2012 10:07 Britain's Royal Navy in the First World War - animated

12/09/2012 17:36 Hillsborough report: what data journalism can tell us about the files

12/07/2012 18:02 Overcrowding in the UK: what's it like where you live?

12/07/2012 12:30 Mapped: Food banks across the UK


20/08/2012 11:42 BBC News - Aid agencies 'must use new tools'

15/08/2012 15:12 Crowdsourcing reveals life-saving potential in global health research

29/09/2011 23:13 SMS in Action: Mapping Out SMS Systems for Social Impact

30/08/2011 14:11 Crowdsourcing used to solve travel problems

28/06/2011 06:52 Google and Galaxy Zoo could aid global climate project | Science | The Observer

02/06/2011 19:44 The Mobile Minute: Crowdsourcing the Turkish Elections, Mubarak Fined by Egyptian Courts, and The Importance of Mobile Broadband

19/05/2011 11:44 Crowdsourcing put to good use in Africa | Madeleine Bunting

19/05/2011 09:18 Thinking Spatially about Crowdsourcing

28/03/2011 15:32 How remote teams can help the rapid response to disasters | Oliver Lacey-Hall

19/02/2011 19:33 Mobile Governance: Empowering Citizens to Enhance Democratic Processes

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